From the archives (2010)

Welcome to Life is Great! – for Quality of Life

Life is Great! is …

  • a different way of thinking and an alternative lifestyle as opposed to a worldwide dominant view that economic wealth is the measure for quality of life.
  • not about doomsday scenarios or fears of crisis, but a positive philosophy, with a focus on solutions for root causes, rather than effects and problems.
  • aimed at the stimulation of both organizations and individuals to critically contemplate the traditional, widely accepted ideas about human welfare, wealth and quality of life.
  • not meant to be a new dogma, yet challenges to develop a conscious, open mind to new views on the driving motivations for long term socio-economic behavior.

Sustainable quality of life can be achieved when human welfare is taken as measure for the establishment of long term socio-economic strategies and goals in business as well as in politics. Human welfare is defined in a holistic sense, encompassing not only socio-economic circumstances, but also level of physical and mental health, and an inseparable relationship between humans and their natural environment.

This definition also implies a new holistic approach to contemporary problems concerning the economy, environment and social matters; these matters are no longer opposite and competing with each other, yet strongly related and complementing.
Quality of life starts at individual level. Therefore a conscious, mindful lifestyle is an important base to achieve human welfare both personally and globally.

This site is meant to provide dynamic thoughts and inspiration for great life. As the world is ever changing, this site will be updated regularly with contemporary ideas on seemingly complex issues.